Friday, 19 December 2014
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What’s Hot For Men’s Hair? Featured

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Q.    Last week you answered a question about fall styles for a student. My son is a college student and he wanted me to write in and ask you what’s hot this year for men’s hair?

A. That’s a fun question because I get asked far less about men and men’s styles. According to Fashion Trend’s Website young college age men are opting for fringe (or bangs) this season. All the runway shows have young men in a more masculine version of the ladies long front fringe (or long front bang). This look features a shorter back and side cut with front fringe. The length of these bangs varies so it’s an easy style to customize to a specific face shape. Most of the time the bangs are side swept. The other key item in men’s hair for the fall is texture. Cutting in texture and even embracing some wave are all popular. Using hair styling product properly will give these trendy men’s styles the right mix of texture and ease. Be sure to have your son ask his stylist to give him a quick lesson in how to use product (like gel, paste or spray) to best manage his hair texture and style. Another really popular look this year for men of all ages, young and not so young is the slick back. This year’s Ralph Lauren catalog shows nearly all its male models in this classic look. Its fun and upkeep and styling are very easy which makes it a good choice for a busy student, a top executive or just a man with an eye for style. Guys with straight hair will want their slick back style with more length on top while men with wavy or curly hair will want a shorter more textured version. This style can have a definite part line or can be nearly part-less with a slick back from the forehead and sides. Men are getting color more and more as well. Color helps bring out the look of layers and texture and adds some kick to any hair cut. All-over blonde for men is very popular this season but is usually best with a polished style like the slick back while color layering and tips are best for the fringe or textured styles. No matter what style your son chooses it’s great to see men take an interest in hair and fashion. In the past, the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s men paid great attention to clothing, hair, fashion, even their hats. Its fun to see men involved in there appearance again. One only needs to check out the pop music stars or TV shows to see men are wearing hair again. The just buzz it off look is a thing of the past, unless you take it all the way off to bald and that is still hot.

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